Utah Backyard Wedding [Utah Wedding Photographer]


I love backyard weddings. It’s fun to see where people live and how they’re able to put a lot of their personality into the decorations since they have a lot of time to plan and put things together in their own yard. Taylor & Weston got married in Weston’s parent’s backyard. They had a cute old truck right when you walked past the fence that was parked so guests could put their gifts in the bed of the truck. They had pretty lanterns and greenery on the tables, hanging lights in the tent (hanging lights are my favorite), a picture of Taylor’s dad by the guest book, and cute little decorations all over.

The backdrop for the ceremony was GORGEOUS. Three big sections of wood and then the trees and leaves behind gave it the prettiest look. Taylor’s brother walked her down the aisle with her 5 year old daughter walking just ahead of them which was very sweet to see. The bishop officiating gave them some advice, made things short and sweet, and they were married! They had some dang good BBQ for dinner after. People ate and chatted and they had games like corn hole and ring toss for the kids to play.

The bridesmaids wore the prettiest dark teal color and the cake was amazing. I loved going through and editing these photos because of all the beautiful details of the wedding and I love capturing the excitement and happiness of a bride and groom.