Oregon Coast Portraits [Utah Wedding Photographer]

A few weeks ago my friend, Aleisha, and I flew from Salt Lake City to Portland like we do pretty much every year. We love it out there and love to explore new places along the Oregon coast each time we go. Living in Utah, we have the beautiful mountains but not the ocean! We wanted to hike to God’s Thumb, which is a beautiful mountain/hill/cliff on the Oregon coast near Lincoln City. There aren’t any signs or directions but there were directions online that people had posted. We parked at a beach and started walking on a dirt road. The directions told us to go straight at an intersection on the trail which led us up to a road. So we went back and turned right instead. That took us on a windy trail through trees back to…. that same road, about 1/4 mile south. By that point it had been about an hour and we were so confused and had nowhere to go. Luckily we ran into a local who told us to go all the way back to the beach where we had parked and go a completely different direction. So we walked back to the beach then walked up the road a mile where there were a bunch of houses in a circle. We went past a fence and walked along a dirt driveway (we were so nervous that someone was going to yell at us) and found a trail just off to the right. Once we got there about a half mile up, there it was. GOD’S THUMB. I was literally getting teary eyed it was so pretty. And the fact that it took us so long to get there and we almost gave up a few times made it even more amazing.

We spent some time just looking over the cliff, walking to the top, and admiring the beauty. A storm cloud rolled in and everyone started to leave. We new the cloud would pass quickly because it was so windy, so we hung around, changed into dresses (in wide open space haha), and took some pictures that I love!

Here are some photos of Aleisha:

These are portraits of me taken by Aleisha and edited by me!