Introduction | Utah Photographer

Oh heeeeey! I’m Emily! I’ve been in love with photography ever since I took a photo class in high school 11 years ago. My favorite thing about photography is being able to capture real emotion and real moments. I love a good posed photo but nothing beats wind in your hair, running around with your lover or family, joking and laughing and being silly. I love capturing these moments between people and helping people keep memories forever.

I was born in Washington state but grew up in Utah and have lived here almost my whole life! I love how diverse Utah is. I love the green canyons, the red rocks down south, and the lakes. BUT I went back to my birth city of Vancouver, Washington for a 7 month internship after college and FELL IN LOVE with the PNW. I have to go back at least once a year and it’s not enough. I can’t get enough of the green pines, overcast and foggy skies, and the GORGEOUS beaches. It truly is the prettiest place on earth I think.

My favorite things in the world (besides photography and the PNW) are boating, traveling, and playing music. There’s nothing I love more than wake surfing or slaloming behind my family’s boat on the lake (especially in Lake Powell) on a hot summer day. I love exploring new cities, states, and countries and have been able to travel to cool places like Thailand, India, France, and the Caribbean. My trouble right now is there are SO many places I want to visit, it’s hard to choose where to go next. I have played the piano and guitar most of my life and in high school I was in an all girl band. We thought we were super cool and super funny, but we weren’t. But that’s okay because we had such a fun time playing music together and performing with our friends. I write music occasionally and I love the way the music makes me feel. I love being able to be creative and just how it brings up memories and emotions, just like photography!

The pictures below are a little glimpse into my life! (They’re all phone pics).